Unique Baby Announcements


The birth of a child is always a special moment for family and friends. You welcome a new person into the world and the event is full of joy for everyone involved. Most parents and family members want to announce their happiness to the world, but how can they do it in a creative and attractive way? At Lit Acrylics, we recommend using unique LED edge-lit signs because they’re unique, sleek, modern, and attractive.


Why are baby announcements special?


People wait for months for the baby to arrive, the mother, her partner, and the family members eagerly anticipate the new arrival and go through a lot of stress until the day of birth arrives. This occasion deserves acknowledgment and celebration. In the past, people announced births in newspapers and magazines but modern parents and families want to do something a little more personal and special.


Why edge-lit signs?


Edge-lit signs are visible and immediately attract attention. They’re the latest in signage technology and are highly customizable. Parents can choose from a wide array of pre-fabricated designs or create a custom and personalized edge-lit sign design. The only limit is the creator’s imagination so if the parents want to create a sign with the child’s name or choose a design that means something to them and their loved ones, they can.


These edge-lit signs are also an excellent gift. They’re different so the parents will appreciate it. They’ll last for a lifetime so family members can keep the sign in their home as a memory of the birth.


These lights and signs can be personalized depending on whether a baby boy or girl in born  and can be in colors like pink, blue, green, yellow, etc. All signs are made from good quality materials in the US so you can trust their quality of design and durability.

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