Unique Military Service Gifts & Signs


A nation’s military allows the citizens inside to remain free and lead safe lives. Without the military, the country and its interests are vulnerable to hostile forces, which is why most countries on Earth maintain a strong military standing. The US had the largest and most technologically advanced armed forces in the world. Thousands of men and women regularly volunteer to place their lives at risk to protect the country.


Many citizens feel the need to showcase their support for the military service by decorating their homes and workspaces with showpieces, statues, flags, and other such items supporting it. At Lit Acrylic, we provide unique and different military service edge-lit signs as a great alternative to traditional decorative pieces. You can showcase your support for the military service through these beautifully constructed edge-lit signs.


Why choose illuminated military service edge-lit signs?


Edge-lit signs are a recent innovation. They’re made from LED and acrylic and come in a number of intricate and interesting designs. They’re unlike traditional signage products as their design is cleaner and more modern. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying them:


  • The benefit of LED – LED is much superior to regular fluorescent or incandescent lights in terms of performance. These lights last longer, don’t produce as much heat and don’t consume as much electricity. LED lights are also very flexible, which means they can be molded into intricate designs and mounted on clear acrylic.
  • Color options – Our regular pre-fabricated signs are available in red, blue, and green colors. Other color options are available on custom design orders on request. Customers can discuss their requirements with our team to make sure they get what they need.


The signs are manufactured in the US under strict quality control using the best quality materials. If maintained well and used correctly, the signs will last for several years.

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