Unique Custom Religious Edge-Lit Signs & Gifts


There are many religions in the world and most people believe in some sort of higher power. People find comfort and draw courage from this higher power during times of need. They look at a symbol or artifact that represents their religion and feel better. At Lit Acrylic, we provide different and unique custom religious edge-lit signs to our customers.


What are custom religious edge-lit signs?


Different people have different preferences and beliefs. For example, a verse from the Bible might hold special meaning for you but it might not be the most popular or commonly quoted verse from the book. You might want a personalized edge-lit sign with that particular quote. That’s exactly what we provide with our custom products. Customers can contact our team and explain their requirements carefully. Our team will take note of all design ideas and specifications and then work on creating the custom sign.


There’s very little we can’t create because sky’s the limit with this design. The LED lights and acrylics are very customizable and flexible, which allows the designers to create something unique and attractive.


Customers can also choose different colors for their personalized custom religious edge-lit signs. Regular signs are available in three different colors and they are blue, green, and read. We have a bit more flexibility with custom orders and can use other colors as well.


Why edge-lit signs?


  • Edge-lit signs are modern and sleek in sign. They don’t look tacky and gaudy.
  • The LED lights are cool, bright, eco-friendly, and help save energy.
  • We use the best materials during the manufacturing process so these signs are very durable.
  • They are unique and attractive gifts for all kinds of occasions.


All signs are manufactured in the US under strict quality control so people don’t need to worry about damage or unreliable performance.

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