US States Edge-Lit Gifts & Signs


The United States of America is a political entity where different states have come together and formed a union. Because of this, there are two distinct levels of government; the state level and the federal level. The state governments share sovereignty with the union government, which means people who reside here are citizens of the state and the union. Every state has a strong identity and culture, and most citizens are very attached to their home state.


At Lit Acrylic, we’ve seen that many residents want to display their attachment to their home state, which is why we offer a range of unique US States edge-lit signs. These signs can add a special touch to any room and are a great way to express your love for your state.


What do you need to know about the illuminated US States edge-lit signs?


Signage has been used for decorative purposes in the past but the trend faded away for a while. This was because the traditional types of signs didn’t fit modern aesthetics and were too gaudy. Our unique and different US States edge-lit signs are better suited for modern tastes because they have a cleaner and more appealing design. Here are some of the characteristics that make our edge-lit signs stand out:


  • Manufactured in the US – Many companies offer edge-lit signage products but few actually manufacture them in the US. Most are manufactured overseas in countries like China and then sold for profit in the US. Our illuminated US States edge-lit signs are manufactured in the US so you can rely on their quality.
  • Design – We have a wide-range of standard designs to choose from. These designs are a faithful representation of the individual states. Customers can also order special designs based on their preferences.


If you want something unique for decoration or to gift a loved one, these US States edge-lit signs are ideal for you.

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