Unique 757 Nose Section Gifts & Signs


The Boeing 757 is a very popular narrow-body, single-lane, mid-sized, twin-engine airplane. It’s production stopped back in 2004 but the airplanes are still in service and are used regularly by companies like Delta Airlines and FedEx. These airplanes are some of the largest single-aisle crafts in the air. The company only halted the production of it because customers started to favor smaller aircrafts. Boeing hasn’t designed a replacement for this particular aircraft as yet.


The relatively unique design and size have made 757s very popular with collectors and aircraft enthusiasts. Many collect a wide range of memorabilia showcasing different aspects of the aircraft. At Lit Acrylic, we provide unique and different 757 nose section edge-lit signs along with regular tailfin designs. The nose section often consists of the tip, the cockpit, and the door and sometimes the entire front section of the aircraft.

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What’s so special about Unique 757 Nose Section Gifts & Signs?


Traditional signage products are very ostentatious and loud. While they’re suitable for commercial use to attract attention, they’re not great decorative or collector’s items. Other forms of collector’s items like paintings, photographs, and scaled-down models can be quite boring. Here are some things that make our illuminated Unique 757 Nose Section Gifts & Signs stand out:


  • The design – The signs are made from LED and acrylic. These materials are very flexible and that allows the artists to create detailed and intricate designs. The LED forms the edge and gives the design definition while the acrylic is a clear base that offers support.
  • The colors – The signs are available in red, blue, and green colors in the standard pre-fabricated design. Custom designs and custom colors are available on request.


All of our unique 757 nose section edge-lit signs can be customized. We can engrave patterns and text into the sign as per the customer’s request.

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