Edge-Lit Acrylic Salesman/Saleswomen Awards Gifts & Signs


Sales are an important aspect of running a business because that brings in the profits and the money. A great salesperson can keep customers engaged, convert hesitant prospects into paying customers and answer any questions the customer might have. A great salesperson improves the reputation of the company and helps bring more customers to the business as well. At Lit Acrylic, we encourage employers and business owners to reward their salespeople to ensure they’re motivated. One of the best ways to do that is to give them Edge-Lit Acrylic Salesman/Saleswomen Awards gifts & signs.

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What’s special about our Edge-Lit Acrylic Salesman/Saleswomen Awards gifts & signs?


Edge-lit gifts & signs are a more modern and attractive alternative to traditional award trophies. Traditional trophies lose their appeal over time and are eventually placed in storage. They don’t fit into modern-day preferences. Awards are a motivating factor if they actually please the employees. Here are some traits of our unique and different Edge-Lit Acrylic Salesman/Saleswomen Awards gifts & signs that make them a good choice:


  • They are well-designed – LED and acrylic are great materials for us to work with because they’re so flexible. They can be formed into any shape or size based on the customer preferences. We can also engrave and personalize these gifts & signs to ensure they’re more appealing.


  • Durability – LED lights last longer than regular fluorescent and incandescent lights. They also consume less electricity and don’t produce too much heat, which makes them ideal for indoor spaces. The acrylic base is clear and strong so it can’t be easily damaged.


  • Color options – All of our illuminated Edge-Lit Acrylic Salesman/Saleswomen Awards gifts & signs are available in red, green, and blue color options. Other color options are available in custom orders on special requests.


These gifts & signs are manufactured in the US so the trophies will last for a very long time if they’re maintained well.

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