Right to Bear Arms Edge-lit Gifts


The right to bear arms is highlighted in the second amendment and is one of the most important aspects of the American culture. Many citizens like to showcase support for this through decorative displays, artwork, and signs. At Lit Acrylic, we provide a wide range of unique and different Edge-lit Gifts that showcase support for the right to bear arms.

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Why choose these signs over other artwork?


Most people want to showcase their support in unique and interesting ways instead of using old and dated designs. The Edge-lit Gifts are the latest in signage and display technology. They’re made from good-quality acrylic and the “edge” is created from LED, which is a superior alternative to regular incandescent or fluorescent lights because they consume less energy, are brighter, and are cooler.


LED lights are also very durable and with proper use, they can easily last for several years. These signs are available in different designs and colors as well. Our prefabricated products are available in red, green, and blue. They can be customized, personalized, and engraved according to the customer’s wishes.


Unique Edge-lit Gifts for second


Our unique edge-lit are custom-made in the US and manufactured under strict quality control. This ensures the signs function as customers expect them to at all times. Here are some of the advantages of these signs:


  • Use anywhere – These signs can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments and are particular suited to be decorative elements in homes, offices, stores, and commercial properties.
  • Great as gifts – The signs are great gifts for loved ones who support the second amendment and are passionate about it.


They signs have current and interesting designs so they won’t look old-fashioned or out-of-place.


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