Jesus Unique Edge-lit Gifts


presence of God in their environment as a daily reminder of His presence. What better way to do it than to keep a Jesus edge-lit sign close? At Lit Acrylic, we offer a wide range of Jesus Unique Edge-lit Gifts in our store. These signs can easily fit into all kinds of rooms and environments so all you need to do is pick one that appeals to you.

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Why choose these signs?


The Unique Edge-lit Gifts are the latest in signage technology and fit into modern design and aesthetics. The signs consist of LED lights that twist into different designs, words, and texts, etc. The design is very flexible and only limited by the artist’s imagination. This flexibility allows artists to create intricate patterns and decorative pieces that can enhance the appearance of any room.


LED is eco-friendly, durable, and can provide illumination for years if the sign is maintained well. It doesn’t consume as much energy as regular incandescent lights and it doesn’t emit a lot of heat so a room won’t become uncomfortably warm if the lights are constantly switched on.


They can be personalized


These Unique Edge-lit Gifts can be personalized in two different ways. Customers can purchase the prefabricated signs of their color and design online and ask us to engrave a personal or custom message on it. This is quick, affordable, and can be an ideal personalized gift as well.


Customers can also order an entirely custom design based on Jesus. They can choose red, green, blue colored lights or make special request for a different color. All of these signs are manufactured in the US with good quality acrylic and materials.

Additional Information
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